Working and School

I highly recommend working and going to school. Having a balanced schedule teaches everyone important traits in life. I believe working and taking classes eliminates extra time you may have to watch TV and play on the internet. Not that it is a bad thing to have time to yourself, everyone should and once you figure out how to balance your schedule, it should be an easy task. The main purpose of a balanced schedule is to get college students prepared for a heavy work load. Upon graduating and getting a job tasks will become more difficult in the workplace and at home. It is better to get prepared now then to have a rude awakening in a couple of years.

Traits include:

  1. Time management
  2. Responsibility
  3. Setting and achieving goals
  4. Prioitizing
  5. Motivation

There are several ways to obtain jobs in college. Websites are now extremely useful, for instance craigslist, monster and UNCW offers various programs. We have the benefit of assistance through resume help to editing profiles through linkden. There are career centers that have people there to advise you on the correct path. Cameron Executive Netowork (CEN) is a great program to get involved with. There are also programs that UNCW offers to help achieve your goals, such as the Resume Assistance Program, also known as (RAP). The link to this website can be found here.

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