Working and going to school at UNCW

I am a junior attending UNCW. I am a fulltime student involved in the Phi Mu sorority here and I work at a restaurant as well. Working while taking classes can be challenging at times, but I make sure to only work on weekends or for a few hours during the week for extra money. It is hard to balance my sorority, classes, and job, but my manager is very accommodating and works around my schedule to find hours for me. I think it is very important to find a manager who is willing to do this in order for you to be successful at holding a job and going to class.

Importance of working while in college:
1. It can boost your resume
2. It looks good if you have the ability to hold a job and be still be successful in your studies because, it shows you know the value of time management skills
3. It provides valuable and necessary job experience
4. It can actually improve your grades, because you have to be time management efficient and balance your projects
5. It can provide employee benefits as well

Tips on achieving a balance:
1. Inform your employer
-ask for a manageable workload
-ask for no overtime work
2. Set a schedule
-know your working hours
-plan your studying
-get school work done before the due date
3. Optimize your time
-stay away from social media
-schedule breaks
-don't think about work while you're studying
-don't procrastinate

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