College Life

Many college students work as well as go to school. These are two very difficult tasks to balance. My advice to individuals that are faced with this is;
● Schedule- It is very important to have some sort of schedule to help you plan time for everything that you have going on.
● Get ahead- Procrastination is a big college no-no that most of us do. If you get ahead in your school work then it makes it easier on you. This is the hardest thing to do.
●Don't be afraid to ask for time off- There are going to be days that you need to off to prepare for tests and this time is very crucial. You also just need time to breath and relax. Your brain needs to rest whether it is time to hang out with friends or just for you to be alone make time!
● Talk to your professor- Most professors understand that you have to work but talk to them about what would help you succeed and find balance between the two.
● Don't take more classes than your schedule permits- If you need to work, allow your school schedule to fit only where you have time. If you work fulltime don't take more classes than you can handle.Possibly 4 at the most depending on how headstrong you are.

If you are a commuter time management is the key to success.
●Plan ahead- If you commute from an hour away leave in time that allows you to have some type of leadway, just in case something happens.
● Know what days are going to be good for you to commute- When creating your class schedule, schedule the days that you don't mind commuting. In doing this you will find yourself not missing so much class.
● Don't be lazy- Commuting is not the most enjoyable thing to do it but it has to be done. On the days that you want to sleep in think about the material that you will miss and how it will put you behind.
● Utilize that time- Use that time to study. You can also use that time to think and clear your head allowing you to take time to yourself.

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