working & school

Working and being a full-time student is one of the hardest juggling acts that most college students have encountered. Here are some tips to help organize your days so you can make money, get good grades, have a social life, and possibly sleep.

1) Buy a calender and/or planner (something you will use everyday).

2) Make sure you bring it to your classes everyday to write down important dates like projects, homework due dates, quizzes, trips, tests, etc.

3) In the same calender or planner write down your work schedule for the week.

4) At the beginning of each week look at your schedule to see where you have free time or days to study and do your school work. Put these times in your schedule.

5) Set aside time to rest. If you have class from 10 AM- 2 PM, give yourself an hour to watch TV or read a book before you leave for work at 4 PM.

6) Work on campus or somewhere close to school. Driving to work 30 minutes and back 30 minutes equals an hour! This eats up study time and gas.

7) Plan meals at the beginning of the week. Know which days to use your meal plan and which days you need to prepare something at home. If possible, prepare meals ahead of time to freeze.

8) Get ahead on schoolwork. If work is particularly time consuming one week, you will be so happy you haven't procrastinated.

9) If you can get a study partner, helps retain difficult information.

This may seem pretty tedious at first but once you get into a routine, it's no big deal. You will see that you have a lot more free time.

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