Where to Live and What to do in Wilmington

You have three choices of where to live when it comes to being a student at UNCW. The beach, near/on campus, and downtown. This wiki will help you decide which one is best for you.

1. The Beach:

If you love the beach and find yourself participating in sports such as fishing, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, and wake boarding, the beach is a great place for you. Along with water sports, the night life at the beach is fun. There are a lot of great beach bars! Sometimes it is hard to find houses that rent out to college students, this would be a downfall for trying to live on the beach.

2. Near/On Campus:

This is for the type of people that tend to spend a lot of time on campus. If you play a sport, or are actively part of a club, this would be a good option. There is still a lot to do for fun, with places like the rec. center and movie theater you will not get board. Night life here can also be great, because of the amount of parties that are usually close to campus. It is usually more expensive to stay near campus. It may be more expensive but it will be the best opportunity to meet a lot of new people and develop long-lasting friendships.

3. Downtown:

If you want to live in a more urban area, downtown is for you. There are a lot of great restaurants, and buildings that overlook the Cape Fear River. The night life includes many bars and concert halls, so there is always something to do. This will be around a ten minute commute to campus. Traffic may also be an issue when living downtown.

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