If you are considering transferring to UNCW, there are many resources that will make the process much simpler!

1). Do you know if you are eligible to transfer?
To find out, check out the following websites:

2). If you are eligible to transfer, you should then follow the steps listed on the Prospective Transfers page.

3). If you would like to see which courses transfer for credit, visit

4). If you are ready to apply, the transfer application can be found at //

Although deciding whether or not to transfer to UNCW is fairly simple, the application process gets more confusing as applicants are required to submit various documents by their deadlines.

If you would like some assistance, you can always call The UNCW Office of Transfer Admissions Staff for more help!

Below are a few links to visit to make the most of your transition to UNCW:

Dare to Soar!

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