Out-of-State Transfer Student Success

The traditional students starts and ends his or hers college career in the same institution. A transfer student theoretically starts twice. Out-of-State student's struggle with the different surroundings, completely different surroundings. Although the change from High School may be out of the way, The change of environment is the biggest aspect of transferring colleges.

Some tips for to re-adjust to the new Wilmington surroundings:

  • Explore, log on to Google.com and do some research. Local Markets or Activities open to the public, or Local Attractions. That way you can familiarize your self with your new surroundings and be aware of what is going on - For future plans. Wilmington has plenty to offer.
  • Join a club or get involved on Campus some how, even if its a small effort, it will help the adjustment. Some clubs and organizations are listed here: http://uncw.edu/admissions/involvement.html#ClubsOrgs
  • Explore the campus, Make it a goal to know where things are, not just your classes. the campus map always helps if, initially, you get lost.
  • Don't Stress. Take one day at a time.
  • The faculty, students, and staff are all welcoming and very friendly.

There's an organization that's specifically for transfer students and their adjustment to the new environment- UNCW Transfer Student Organization: https://www.facebook.com/UNCWTransferStudentOrganization?fref=ts

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