Useful Tools

UNCW offers many different tools to help students through out the college careers. The resource that I have found to be the most beneficial is the UNCW Learning Center. Whether or not you are having trouble in one of your classes and need a little extra help or you just want to touch up on some of your previous learned skills, UNCW offers an array of different sources within the Learning Center that caters to your needs.

Math Lab:

The math lab is a very useful tool within the learning center. It is "drop in" so you dont have to schedule an appointment. You simply go in with any homework or other assignments that you are having trouble with and one of the tutors will assist you. all of therm are very knowledgable in almost every math offered at UNCW. You can also go in with questions and they will give you a mini lesson basically teaching you and helping you understand the material. They also offer individual tutoring sessions for people who may need a little more help than others. For these you have to actually sign up for an available appointment.

Writing Lab:

This is another extremely useful tool that UNCW provides. At the writing lab you can just drop in with any of your papers or written assignments and the tutors there will help you in whatever area that you need help in. If you are having trouble either starting or concluding your paper they will guide you and point you in the right direction to have a better all around paper. A lot of teachers offer extra credit for going to the writing lab and getting your paoper edited so that is another benefit of utilizing this resource. The writing lab also offers individual tutoring for students who have more extensive problems and questions.

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