Tips on Signing up for Classes

*First things first, you should always be on top of preregistration. This is where you schedule an appointment with your adviser, usually about a month before registration time. Come prepared! Know what classes you have already taken and what classes you still need to take in order to graduate.

*Write down questions to ask your adviser, if you have any, and make sure to get multiple opinions if you have any serious concerns. The more people you talk to, the more knowledge you will have. You can go to the dean of a department to get good insight as well.

*Take advantage of the career center! A lot of freshman have no idea what career path they want to take and this is a good place to go to help you figure that out so you are not wasting time and money taking unnecessary classes.

*Your adviser will give you an alternative pin and a specific time and date for you to register. When that time comes, have your classes planned out in advance. There are a lot of students taking the same classes as you so this will help minimize the chance of you not getting into a class you need. Utilize the use of CRN numbers ahead of time so you can simply enter the numbers that correspond to your classes when your registration opens up, as opposed to finding each one individually.

*Always have a back up plan. Depending on what time you register, your original schedule may not be available. Have a different schedule lined up just in case.

*Take advantage of! This website gives students a great insight on what to expect from their future professor. If the professor has bad reviews, you might want to consider changing your schedule to a professor that you think will be best for you. It is a helpful source for students to use while registering.

*Keep track of the classes you want before registering so you will know if you need to resort to plan two. If you already have your schedule planned out, when your time comes to register, you can enter in the class codes, hit submit, and literally register in ten seconds!

*If you cannot get into a class but really need it, try emailing the professor and talking to them to see if there is any way they can squeeze you in. The worst thing they can say is no. If you see the class you want filling up, go ahead and email them so that you will be the first one they help out.

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