tips for writing essays

Here are a few tips to help write essays

1) Always plan ahead when starting a essay, come up with a time schedule for what you need to get done by a certain time
2) Come up with a good thesis statement
3) Make sure you know who your audience is
4) Write an outline to help the organization of your essay
5) Do not try to write the essay all in one go, it is important to take breaks so you do not feel overloaded.
6) Make use of the writing center, it can help you with every part of your essay.
7) Go back and read your essay aloud to either yourself or someone else to help find find grammar errors
8) Do not procrastinate, it is never fun writing your essay hours before it is due.
9) Don't be afraid to talk to your professor to make sure you fully understand the topic and know what his/her expectations are for you as a student.

Writing Center:

Other tips that may help when writing essays,

-Be clear and find YOUR style of writing.
-Don't force yourself to write anything, as it can sometimes be easily reflected in your essay.
-Know your instructor and that the requirements he/she has for each essay may be different from the last, or from other instructors.
-Ask questions when you find yourself stuck and answer them in a variety of ways.

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