Tips for time management in college

In college, time management is very important. In order to complete all of your tasks effectively and on time, it is crucial to manage your time wisely. Here are a few good tips to help with that:

KEEP A PLANNER: this is key, keeping a planner allows you to know exactly what you have to do not only in one day but in the future to come and lets you plan for upcoming events and tasks

MAKE SURE YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TIME: the more time you have for a given task, the simpler it will be to accomplish it

AVOID PROCRASTINATION: the longer you take to complete tasks, the more stress you have added on and the more overloaded you will feel

MAKE A TO-DO LIST: when you know the tasks you need to complete it makes it easier to get them all done and checking them off as you go gives you a sense of accomplishment

PRIORITIZE: make a list of what is most important to achieve first, and complete them in that order

USE TIME WISELY: if you stay focused then you will get much more done with the time you have allowed yourself

BREAK THINGS INTO SMALLER PIECES: if you don't have as much to do all at one time it is easier to complete tasks and seems like it can be accomplished sooner and more simply with less stress

BE FLEXIBLE: things will come up and not go as planned, however if you have managed your time wisely, you should still be able to accomplish the things you need to complete.

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