Tips for Studying and Learning

Tips for studying:

  • Acknowedge that college is extremely different from high school.
  • Do Not develp the same study habits that have worked in the past
  • Study bit-by-bit each day
  • Use Randall library
  • It is open 24 hours
  • Attend SI sessions that are provided by certain classes
  • Most multiple choice exams are taken from a test bank directly from the book, so reading the material will improve your grades tremendously.
  • Study Groups can provide discussion on material that can be difficult to study alone.

Tips for Learning:

  • Become interactive with the curriculum. Apply it to your every day life.
  • Learn the material rather than relying on mermorization
  • Meet with yiour academic advisor
  • Use the office hours provided by your professor
  • Keep an organized calendar of events
  • Maintain a strong GPA in classes that are related to your major
  • Use career services to search fro internships and developing a professional resume.
  • Do Not schedule 8 am classes if you will not attend. Be realistic!!!

Everyone adjust to college at different rates. UNCW provides services to students to help with academics, health and recreation. Uses the resources that are available and make the best of your time at UNC Wilmington.

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