Tips for studying

Here are a few tips that I think are useful when I am studying.

  • Find a place similar to your testing environment.
  • Arrange what you are going to study in order of which you learned it.
  • Making note cards helps you retain the information you are learning.
  • Depending on how much information you must study, go over all the information once or twice.
  • After that take a 15-30 break to relax your brain.
  • Then go back over the information another time.
  • Depending on how confident you are with your studying you may be done.
    • If not you will want to repeat this same process until you have full confidence in the material, or get together with another classmate and go over the information you had just studied together. Studying with a classmate is always beneficial if you stay on topic.
  • I always like to study a few days before my exam, multiple times a day. That way I am able to retain most if not all the information I have studied.
  • Try to take time every day after your class to go over and study what you learned on that day. This way you decrease your stress level and usually increase your overall understanding of the material come test time.
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