Tips for school

Tips for Surviving School

1. If you do not mind getting up early, I suggest taking your classes early and finishing your day before lunch.

2. I would not suggest getting any gaps in between your classes because it drags out your day and you will walk much more than you will like.

3. If you like sleep, I suggest you start around 11 and continue to keep your classes close together, not dragged out.

4. Do not skip class, I know it's tempting but save them until you really need to miss a day.

5. Use rate my professor so you do not get stuck with a really tough class and professor.

6. Invest in a rain jacket or umbrella. It will rain, it's just a matter of time before you get caught in a storm.

7. Live on campus freshman year, you meet alot of people and it really helps in the long run.

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