Tips for Off-Campus Students

Living off campus may be a little more challenging than living on campus. Students living off campus trade the connivence of closeness to dining, classes, and activities for the freedom of renting a home. Also, living off campus is often times less expensive than on campus housing.

Getting schoolwork done may prove to be more challenging as there are more distractions living off campus.
Some tips to stay on track include:

  • setting aside scheduled library and study times
  • making sure to get to class on time
  • always attending class

Getting to class shouldn't be a problem. Students can buy a parking pass if they live more than a mile from campus, or walk/bike if they live close enough. Students can also ride the Wave Bus for free. The schedule can be viewed here: []

The UNCW off campus housing website has a lot of useful information on rentals, roommates, and resources. It can be viewed here:[]

For additional information, students can attend the off campus housing fair. It is being held November 14 from 11:00 AM through 2:00 PM in the Burney Center.

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