Technology: Obtaining and Using

In today's technology driven world, it is important to know how to use technology successfully as well as knowing how to get it. Below is a guide to obtaining and using technology.

Obtaining Technology

Technology can be obtained either through purchase, or through theft. You can buy technology from such websites as Amazon or Newegg, among others. It is often recommended that you go to a store that sells the technology you are looking for in order to talk to an expert on which device is right for you. Then you can go online and find the best deal. Stealing technology is not recommended and will not be detailed here.

Using Technology

When attempting to use any technology you are not familiar with I would recommend reading any instruction manuals or free tutorials that may be available. If you are still confused about anything, I would recommend a quick Google search. It is rare that you will be the first person to encounter any difficulties with a piece of technology, and the internet can often show you how others have solved the same problem. If the problem persists, contact your local IT guru. I recommend avoiding large chains that will charge you exorbitant fees for a simple fix. It is always better to contact that person you know who is good with computers, as they are used to being bothered by such problems and will begrudgingly work for free.

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