Study Techniques

Study techniques are similar to watching TV or radio ads. There has to be some salient point. The trick, however is not about the ads but how they resonate with us, repetition is the key!
It's the fact that its being done over and over again, even if its rote memorization or as with the ads, being seen a million times.
Its said that for every hour in class you need three hours of study time. Also, do this while you're young and your brain can soak information up like sponges.
As for working and going to school, it can be done, i actually got better grades while i did this and the feeling of accomplishment is even greater. So stick with it!
Most of all do not procrastinate! Even if you are thinking, " This is class is easy. I have plenty of time". If a student does the work while it is fresh in their mind from class, odds are that student will not need to work as hard at the homework as the student who waits until the last minute to complete it.

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