Signing up for Classes in Ten Easy Steps

Signing up for the correct classes at the right times are critical steps in succeeding on college.

1. Start by meeting with you advisor:

  • Request all documents that break down the classes required for basic studies as well as for desired major.
  • Allow advisor to walk you through about 6 to 8 class options for that semester.
  • Get and write down your PIN on the date and time that you are eligable to register.

2. Breakdown the 6 to 8 classes your advisor has recommended in a spread sheet.

  • Include: days of the week, time, teacher, and CRN code.

3. Highlight or bold the times and days of the classes that are your first choice.

  • This allows you to make sure you do not run into any errors (time overlapping, class overlapping) while registering.

4. Below the class breakdown, copy and paste the CRN codes of your selected classes.

  • This allows easy access to the codes you need to register.
  • It will also allow you to rapidly choose your classes, when registration opens.

5. The night or morning before you are scheduled to register, look through your highlighted classes on to ensure that they are not full.

  • Being sure you are not going to run into any issues during registration will make the process smoother and less stressful.

6. On your registration day, have your login ready to go a few minutes before your registration opens up.

  • Also be sure to have your CRN Codes written down or the spread sheet open so you can simply type in or copy and paste the codes.

7. When the clock turns, simply refresh the page allowing you to login to your registration page

8. Scroll the bottom of the page where about ten boxes are open, titled CRN Codes.

9. Either copy and paste or type in the CRN codes from your selected classes and click submit.

10. Assume all of your classes are open and there are no time conflicts your schedule will be set.

  • If an error pops up, do not freak out, simply asscess the problem and refer to your spreadsheet for your other options.

Registering for classes can be as simple and stress free as you make it! All it takes is a little prep time!

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