Tips and Tricks for Being Part/Full Time in School and Work

It's not easy to have a life, or stay sane, while being a full or part time student and employee. Hopefully these few tips and strategies can help.

Stay Organized
* Buy a Organizer or Planner, these are extremely helpful. Write down not only the due dates, quizzes and tests but also write down your work schedule. This well help you visualize how you will spend your time.
* If buying an Organizer or Planner isn't for you and you are more technologically savvy, Google calendar is a great tool to use to help you not forget as well. You can set it up to where it can send you email or pop-up reminders to your cell phone or computer.

Don't Take On More Than You Can Handle
It's easy to take on a lot in the beginning but down the road you may feel overwhelmed. Be realistic and prioritize. Start off slow, feel your way through it, and decide what the best approach is for you. Don't forget to make time for yourself, everyone needs a little down time.

Reduce Stress
As much as you may try to prevent stress, it is best to learn how to relieve it. Give yourself time to do things you want to do. Through all the obligations that come with going to school and work, having time to clear your head and relax is a big stress reliever. Don't forget to do things you love that make life worth living. Go to a movie, hang out with friends, spend time with family, read a new book, or go play a sport. However, make sure you aren't over indulging in these pleasures. Keep your head on your shoulders and make sure your activities are moving you forward instead of keeping you at a stand-still. For more information on reducing stress, check out these ways to Manage Stress.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle
Just because you're out of your parents home and on your own doesn't mean you can do whatever your want. Having your own freedom is great, but it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fast food is easy to come by, but eating right is a whole different ball park. Don't forget to eat a good breakfast and lunch, even when your on the go. Universities have areas designated where you can get a bite to eat. As for dinner, go to the grocery store and make your own dinners- and to make it fun, invite friends over. Also, walk, bike, skateboard, or skate as much as you can when you walk to your classes. Depending on how far your classes are, sometimes you could get a good five-fifteen minute walk. Little changes in your daily routine can have a big change in your life.

For other ways to balance school and work, check out this outside source that explain how to manage being an adult.

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