Pro Tips for New Seahawks

Learn from my mistakes and expierences. This is a list of things I wish I had known/done back when I was a freshman. Follow these tips. There is no significant order to the tips.

1. Living in a dorm? Get out there and meet people fast. There is a wierd period where nobody knows anyone else. It is never easier to make friends. It doesn't matter if you are nervous, suck it up and get out there and fast. Friend groups start forming immediately.

2. Don't have your roommate be your best friend from highschool. If you and your best friend are both living in the dorms, don't room together. If each of you have different roommates, thats 2 new people you've met. Most (not all) of the time, roommates become some of the closest friends you will have.

3. Do the extra credit! I was slack on this, and while I didn't fail, the difference in final GPA was a 3.4 where it could have been a 3.7 all because "I didn't feel like doing it" because it wasn't required. Not all professors offer it, especially higher level classes. When they do, it's their gift to you.

4. Don't let work pile up. All professors will have some sort of syllabus that outlines when assignments/quizes/tests are. Being aware of what's going on at least two weeks ahead of time will help reduce stress. If your not careful you will end up with 3 tests, a project, and homework all due in the next 5 days. It will sneak up on you.

5. Beware the college test. Some are not that bad, but all of them expect you to know the subject matter. Those little things that you make you think "there's no way that will be on the test", guess what, it will be on the test.

6. Grading is different. In highschool (at least mine), you could fail lots of assignments and still pull an A out of nowhere. That won't work here. It's a point system, and points are points.

7. Go to wag breakfast. If you don't want to drag yourself there during the week, go on the weekend (breakfast until 2pm). Wag breakfast is legendary. So many options and it's all so good!

8. Try to avoid studying in your room. Being around other people and other fun things while studying will make it hard to study. It does not help being surronded by lots of more fun things you'd rather be doing.

9. Go to the REC. Nothing relieves stress better then physical work. Never in life will you have access to this many machines for free (even more so when they finish the renovations). Don't be inintimidated either. Yes there will be people some HUGE people lifting 3x what you probably can, but they are mostly upperclassmen who have been going to the REC for several years. They are basically your future if you keep going. Another note, if you are worried that people will be staring at you for whatever reason, they won't be. People are focused more on getting in that one last set in than staring at random people in the gym.

10. Subway is a food dollar black hole. Yes Subways good, but if you get a footlong with cookies/chips and a drink, it will hit $10 easy. If you do that often, you'll start wondering why you have no food dollars left and can only eat at Wag or Dubs for the next month until the semester changes and you get more food dollars.

11. Budget the food dollars. This goes with tip 10. Try to keep an equal balance between you use a swipe and when you use food dollars. You don't want to be stuck with just swipes. Wag and Dubs WILL get boring if you eat there everyday for all your meals.

Follow these tips, and you should be alright in college. It can be a fun time if you let it be!

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