Facts to Remember When Parking on Campus:

1. Students must park in their zone from 7 AM to 4 PM.
2. Parking in the wrong zone is a $25.00 fee.
3. Parking on campus without a permit is a $50.00 fee.
4. Parking rules are enforced on school days (5 days a week). On the weekends you can park anywhere on campus because parking enforcement is off duty.
5. Students can park in staff spaces from the hours of 4 PM to 7 AM as long as they are not 24 hour staff parking spaces.
6. Student spaces are outlined in white paint.
7. Staff spaces are outlined in yellow paint.
8. Not having enough space to park is not an excuse for parking in another zone.
9. Parking tickets can be paid in Warwick.
10.You can do community service instead of paying for the parking ticket.
11. Unpaid parking tickets will be billed to one's student account.
12. The parking lot beside Wag is for visitors, but is not free. The visitor must have a parking pass, which they have to pay for.
13. To get the best possible parking spot, it is best to register as soon as you can after you register for your classes.
14. There are temporary parking passes as well by weekly or for summer sessions.
15. If you get 5 parking tickets within an academic year, you will get a boot warning. An additional ticket after that warning will result in a boot and a $100 fee and counseling session with Parking & Transportation Manager.
16. Receiving 8 parking tickets within an academic year will result in: your car being towed from the UNCW campus, a Dean of Students referral, and loss of campus parking privileges.
For further questions check out the UNCW Parking website: UNCW Parking

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