Online vs Face-to-Face Courses

Most universities and colleges offer students the advantage of taking online classes and also the traditional in class courses. Many students prefer to take online classes so they can have more freedom, where as other students think that face-to-face courses are more beneficial.

Students who take on online courses should:

  • be independent learners
  • have computer skills
  • have good time management
  • remember due dates
  • know how to communicate with your professor through email
  • have access to another computer in case of computer problems, loss of internet connections, etc.

Benefits of Taking Classes Online:

  • do not need to attend classes
  • able to make your own schedule
  • able to have a more flexible work schedule
  • working at your own pace

Disadvantages of Taking Online Classes:

  • it is easy to fall behind because of procrastination
  • forgetting to constantly check the course website for new information
  • teaching yourself how to do something may be challenging
  • some courses may be more time consuming compared to face to face classes
  • distant from students and professor can sometimes be difficult
  • Online courses may create a sense of isolation

Benefits of Face-to-Face courses:

  • interacting with the professor
  • interacting with students
  • you learn a lot from class time
  • auditory learning is regarded as the most effective
  • easier to learn from a professor than having to teach yourself
  • constantly reminded of due dates and how to do something

Disadvantages of Face-to-Face Course:

  • having to go to class
  • not being able to keep up with the professor teaching if they are teaching too fast
  • other students may become a distraction
  • may not like how the teacher teaches

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