Online learning study tips

These days, a lot of people are using non-traditional methods in order to achieve their educational goals; however, it is important to remember the below tips to ensure success:

*From the get go, look through the course materials and break the lessons or assignments into small manageable chunks. There is no need to unnecessarily overwhelm yourself with work in order to get ahead. It is better to learn the material.

*Determine what time is best for you to study. Is it late at night, during your lunch hour, or early in the morning? We all have different rhythms. If you feel upbeat early in the morning, that is your best time to study. Or, if it takes you longer when you start your mornings and get more energized in the evening hours, then choose evenings to study - maybe late at night is when you feel at your best! That would then be your time to study.

*Take breaks every 15 minutes to ensure you are actually comprehending the material. This is useful if you find yourself in a daze and not taking in the required information. Have a glass of water. Then call a friend or watch some television, or whatever it takes to make you feel better. Just be sure that you use 15 minutes for that as well. Finally, get back to studying for another 15 min. See how it works for you.

*Whenever possible, have a secluded study area where you can study efficiently. A good example of this is a break room at work or a quiet area of your house.

*Let your family or co-workers know that you would rather not be disturbed when working on your online class.

*Know your preferred learning style and stick to it. Do you know if you are an auditory, kinesthetic, or visual learner?

*Look for real-world relevance and examples of what you're learning about to peak your interest in the subject. In the long run, this will pay dividends. As your interest in the subject goes, so do your grades.

*Reward yourself periodically for small successes with whatever motivates you during the course of the semester.

*Ask questions of the instructor or use a tutor if you don't understand something.

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