On-campus Housing

On-campus housing can be very convenient for students. First of all, you're closest to all of your classes and campus resources. Also your tuition, student fees, and housing fees are all lumped into one bill to make things easier. Living on campus also offers the opportunity to meet more students and make more friends. Overall, on-campus living is easy and convenient. There are a few different options for students, and some even better on-campus options for upperclassmen.

Freshman Options
- Dorms: Galloway, Graham-Hewlett, Belk (all girls), Schwartz
- Apartments: 4-person, single-sex apartments with a common kitchen, living room, bathroom, and your own private bedroom.
- Suites: 10-person, single-sex suite with common living room and kitchen along with two showers, two toilets, and four sinks

Upperclassmen Housing
- Seahawk Village, Landing, and Crossing: 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8-person apartment. Common living room, kitchen, and one or more bathrooms per apartment unit.

Traditional Residence Halls Semester Rates

Belk, Galloway, Graham, Hewlett, and Schwartz


Double Suite, Cornerstone, Honors, and International House


University Apartments


University Suites - Double


University Suites - Single


Here is a link for more information about on-campus housing: http://uncw.edu/admissions/housing.html

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