Military Veteran Students

If you are like me and many other fellow military members and veterans you have decided to utilize your GI Bill or Post 9/11 GI Bill and returned to school. It seems almost daunting to return to school after anything from 4 years to 20 years away from it and the structure is completely different and new from that of your unit and military life.

But, don't worry there are many outlets to help you get started and help you along the way to earning that degree you now crave as your new accomplishment!

If you looking for a place to get started here are a few places you should visit:
2. sign up or log into . This is an all encompassing website that not only allows to get you GI Bill activated and started but offers a list of benefits at your disposal, FAQ to common and sometimes uncommon questions and a bunch of other outlets for you to utilize as you need.
3. If you decided to attend a private institution you can see if they offer the yellow ribbon program which is found:

After you have made the decision to attend your selected school it is also beneficial to find the VA office (In University Of North Carolina Wilmington case, you may find this office in the Warwick Center)

There is also support systems within most universities to help adjust, support and bring together the Active, Reserve and Veteran military members attending. In University Of North Carolina Wilmington case you can find a starting point on these services here:

There are countless outlets for you to use while you are searching for you next step in education after the military so just remember you are not alone and there is someone there to help; all you have to do is look and you will find that they are there and encouraging!

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