Military Students

Transitioning from the military to the civilian world can be rough. Service members returning to college may feel as though they are entering an entirely different world. They will quickly find that they have trouble relating to their college peers. Military students may feel frustrated listening to college students complain about working thirty hours a week, doing laundry, or their parents not sending them enough money. It can be nearly unbearable for military students who may have a mortgage, children, and/or a full time job. One of the most frustrating issues for military students is the expereince gap. Military students simply have no means of explaining what it's like in the military. Often times they don't even know how to explain what goes into serving. It can become even more frustrating when a military student has to sit through a class where students and the instructor talk about the military. However, military students can use this opportunity to teach younger or uninformed students about the realities of military life. They can also use their military experience to help mentor these students. However, sometimes they need to just smile quietly and keep from ripping an imature persons head off. Here are some simple ways to avoid destroying an academic career for military students.

  • Take a deep breath
  • Join the local military organization

  • If necessary change classes
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