managing sports and school

Going to college as a regular student it is hard to adapt to managing your time for school work and social life. This is even more difficult for students who decide to go to college and play a sport as well. They have to make time for school work, practice and competition and social life. This can get extremely difficult and stressful. Here are some tips that have helped me manage my time as a student athlete:

1. Scheduling Classes: Many new students who come to college want to get extra days off from class or a longer weekend. As a student athlete this can make your schedule really hard. Taking a lot of classes on one day and having to go to practice can very overwhelming. Especially when there is work that is due or test in those classes. Spreading out your classes will help you not be stressed and overwhelmed.

2. Communicate with teachers and Advisers: Many students are afraid to talk to their teachers and advisers. Talking with teachers is very beneficial to students as well as student athletes. Keeping up with your progress and getting feedback on what you are required to do in their class will help you out extremely and cause less stress. Also relaying your progress in your classes to your advisor will also help you see if you are staying on track or need to get extra help.

3. School Work: Having an agenda will help you remember the due date of every assignment you have to do. By writing all your homework’s, projects, quizzes and tests down will keep you organized and on top things. Do not procrastinate and wait until the last minute to complete your work. Procrastinating will lead to a lot of frustration and stress. If you do your work in advance you will have less stress and more free time later in the week and on the weekends so you can relax. Try not to go out and party all the time during the week. If you make time for school work first it will create free time later on in the week and on the weekend for social time.

4. Time Management Help: Getting help with time management is very important. If you are not good at managing your time you can always ask teachers, coaches, teammates and other people in your class to help you or ask them for tips. Also taking a class that teaches time management is very beneficial and will teach you new skills to help you manage your time as a student athlete. For example UNCW has a freshman seminar class that helps incoming student athletes which can be found on many other colleges have similar programs like this to help there student athletes learn how to be better at time management.

Here are some more links that will give you more tips about time management as a student athlete:

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