A plan to register for UNCW classes

Before you begin:

• Run a degree audit using SeaNet. This will tell you what classes you need in order to graduate. If necessary seek help from you advisor.
• Take the list of classes you need and organize them by semester. Plan out every semester until graduation.
• You can use a place holder such as “Living in our Diverse Nation” if you are undecided as to the specific class you plan to take.
• Save your plan until registration time.


Having the full plan will now make it easier to consider other factors while keeping graduation as the first priority. Some factors might include:

• Is there a professor you prefer?
• Would you like to minimize your walking distance?
• Would you like to take the same class a friend is taking?
• What days and times conflict with a job schedule?

You are now ready to register for classes.

Once you start registering for classes, you may experience problems when trying to get in a class. Some classes tend to fill up very quickly. Sometimes if you email the professor, he or she will over-ride the course and allow you to take it. You also may sometimes not meet certain requirements to take the course. If you are unsure as to why you can not get into the course, you can email the department chair and he or she will check it out and over-ride the course if you meet all the requirements.



*Go ahead and write out your schedule ahead of time and keep track of those classes so you can be prepared with a back up plan.

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