Juggling Work and School

Working and School

Being a little older than the average student at UNCW, I have faced a few different challenges than my classmates. After high school, I had life "figured out." I saw no need for a college education, whatsoever. At eighteen years old, I viewed these kids as dumb and naive to think that they had their life already planned. So after one lack luster semester in the community college system, I called it quits. For the next two years, I was unemployed and took a little time to find myself. I grew absolutely sick of seeing my friends succeed and myself living in their shadows. So, I devised a plan to pay for school and in September of 2010 I started working at Outback Steakhouse. I loved the job and quickly earned enough money to put myself in school for the fall semester. Working and going to school at the same time was a perfect fit for me. It made me value my free time, friends and life so much more. Seeing myself succeed in the workplace and in the classroom was a completely gratifying experience. I still work approximately 20 hours per week and go to school full-time. My life is very busy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Having a job and schoolwork to keep me constantly stimulated helps me stay focused on my goals. I would never trade this experience.

To the students who struggle with juggling work and school:

Always remember that school comes first and should be given the majority of your attention.

Learn how to budget your money!

Find someone who has done it before you. Advice is almost always free.

Make sure your employer knows that you are a student and that school is a priority for you.

Find a job with flexible scheduling.

From my experience, I like working on days I also have school just so I can knock out my obligations and have more free time.

TAKE TIME setting up your school schedule. Having all T/TH classes is awesome!

Learn to save and budget money

Splurge every once in awhile, treat yourself

Working and going to school makes your free time so much more valuable!

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