Joining a Sorority at UNCW

Joining a Sorority at UNCW

Joining a sorority is fabulous for many reasons! It is a great opportunity to get involved in a meaningful cause (each sorority has a different Philanthropy), make friends for life, and receive many wonderful leadership opportunities. Here are some general tips for those interested in rushing!

*You don't have to be a freshman to rush
ALL grade levels are welcomed through recruitment. While I personally recommend joining as a freshman (you get more years being a part of a wonderful group), you won't regret your choice to go through at any age.

*There isn't one "best" sorority
However, there is a sorority that is best for each person that goes through recruitment. You will find where you belong as you learn more about each particular sorority throughout the recruitment process. Choose the sorority that you feel comfortable being a part of and could see yourself in, not the one that other's tell you to be in.

*Sororities offer many great leadership opportunities
As sororities are composed of women, all leadership opportunities are geared towards them. Most sororities have a leadership program that individuals can apply to be a part of.

*Find lifelong friends
The women that you meet in a sorority truly are your lifelong friends. They are going to be the bridesmaids in your wedding and the quality of friend you have always wanted. These women have your best interest in mind all the time.

*You get to attend fabulous events!
The money that you pay to be a part of a sorority isn't to "buy your friends," but rather to attend awesome socials that include a formal and semi-formal.

*Community Service and Philanthropy
Over 15,000 hours of community service were donated last year by the Greek community. This doesn't even include Greek Philanthropic efforts. Each sorority/fraternity chooses a specific non-profit organization to aid, which becomes their Philanthropy. Money is raise through special events and efforts for sorority and fraternity Philanthropies.

*Greeks have higher GPA's than non-Greeks
Scholarship is highly valued among all the Greek organizations. Greek's have to complete certain study hours and typically do better than non-Greeks in academics.

*Check out UNCW's Greek website to learn more about sororities and Greek life in general!

*Remember being in a sorority isn't right for everyone
Sometimes you might just not clique with a particular sorority, and it is okay to not join. There are many other wonderful organizations to get involved with on campus!

Want other ways to get involved?
Check out this helpful wiki! Getting involved

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