How to succeed in an online course

No matter what class you are taking these tips should help you pass an online class.

READ THE SYLLABUS- Know what is required for the class, how the teacher grades. Usually there is a schedule to help you keep up to date on when all of your homework, quiz’s, test’s or discussion boards are due.

MAKE A SCHEDULE- In an online class the biggest thing you need to do is make a schedule. You need to have a plan on when you are going to get the work done and study for that particular class.

DO THE WORK - Online classes require a lot of work, if you have a three credit hour class you should be working and studying for that class at least 6 hours a week.

DO NOT PROCRASTINATE- If you wait until the last minute just like any other class your grades will suffer, do things before they are due and follow your schedule that you have laid out.

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