How To Prepare for Class Registration

How to Prepare for Class Registration

Always stressed right before registering for class? Here are a few tips to get you prepared and secure your ideal schedule for next semester!

1. Make a list of all the classes you want to take and include 2-3 back-ups in case something does not work out
2. Log-in to Seanet and look over the teachers and times that your classes are offered
3. Ask your friends if they have any recommendations for teachers and if not check out
4. Organize all the classes you want to take by title and write down all of the possible times and teachers you would be happy with on your schedule
5. With all of the options listed, create a few different schedule scenarios in case any of the sections get filled up too fast
6. On the day of registration make sure you're computer/laptop is charged and you have all your class and teacher information with you
7. When your registration time begins, enter Seanet and move efficiently and select your classes
8. While your ideal schedule might not have worked out, I hope you are at least in one of your back-ups and it was not too stressful!

Here is how to access Seanet from your Seaport:

Also, check out for some advice on teachers from students like you!

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