How to Make the Most of Your College Experience

**College is about exploring new things! Make the most of it!


1. GET A CAMPUS JOB ASAP. This is the best opportunity to explore all the resources on campus. Campus jobs usually understand that you are a student first, so hours are pretty flexible. Campus jobs also give you a lot of perks! Working in the Career Center, for example, notifies you of the best jobs FIRST. Working in the Center for Leadership, Education and Service, allows you to get volunteer hours, as well as work under leadership professionals to improve your event planning skills. []

2. Join a club you are interested in. It could be just a hobby or maybe its something related to your major. Either way, this will keep you balanced and happy! You'll meet people and clubs help you feel at home when your in a big place. In your sophomore or junior year, go for an officer position! These things help SHOW you are a leader. []

3. Look into studying abroad. Many people say that your experience hasn't started until you've explored something COMPLETELY out of your comfort zone. Studying abroad will not only look great on a resume, but it enriches you. Try to learn a language! []

4. TALK TO YOUR PROFESSORS! Get to know them. Stop by their office hours. Don't be shy. They are always willing to help you! They don't even need to be professors in your major. Don't forget, professors are experts and they are professional students. They are your best resource of advice and inspiration!

5. Look into internships. These are the best sources of real-world experiences. And, they are really accessible! []

6. Get involved in undergraduate research. This looks wonderful if your thinking of grad school and tells any employer you show intiative. []

7. Get involved with Cameron Executive Network.[]

7. Don't forget to have fun! You may get really busy and stressed, but always remember you have to stay balanced. That means don't skip meals or pull all-nighters all the time. Visit your friends. Take time to call home. Read once in a while. Do whatever makes you happy!

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