How to maintain your sanity during your college years:

Some tips to keep you focused and stress-free in school include:
• Before classes begin buy a daily planner.
• Bring this to class every day!
• Go to class! Keep in mind you are paying for an education so be wise and GO TO CLASS!!!
• Write down due dates of homework, projects, quizzes, and tests.
• Write down other important events such as work schedules and advising appointments.
• Manage your time well by setting priorities.
• Make time to study and study in the correct environment.
(Studying while watching the Jersey Shore and carrying on a conversation with your roommate is the OPPOSITE of studying in the correct environment).
• Check your planner daily so that homework, quizzes, and tests don’t sneak up on you.
• Make time for relaxation, sleep, and friends.

Life can become very hectic while being a full time student and managing work as well as a social life. Being organized will make life much easier and lead to less stress!!! You will need to plan time to work on school work as well as relax. Having and using a daily planner is important for achieving your highest academic potential while maintaining your sanity.

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