How to have the best college experience

College is what you make of it. In order to make the most of your time and money here are a few tips to elevate your college experience.

  • Be social. Being social is a key to making new friends.
  • Have a class schedule that suits you. If you do not like to wake up early don't have early classes or you will probably skip.
  • Go to class. Having freedom is awesome but don't waste your money playing Call of Duty all night and skip class to sleep. Going to class is a vital way to stay on top of your grades.
  • Time Management. Having good time management allows you maximize your time between your needs.
  • College Night. Thursday is a great night to go out with your friends to the local clubs and expand your friendships.
  • Exercise. Exercise is not only healthy and keeps you in-shape but it also is a huge stress relief.

Be thankful for the opportunity that you have and make the best of it!

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