Get involved with your college!

Get Involved With Your College!

After my past experiences as a student at University of North Carolina Wilmington, I found happiness through participating in multiple programs on campus. Many freshman try to become friends with their dorm mates and thus start with a small social circle. If you can become good friends with your dorm mates, then that's great! However, most people don't have this experience and look for friends outside these small social circles. It is essential for your college experience and personal development to join campus programs and expand your relationship network. Some good examples taken from my personal experience have been joining programs on campus such as:

  • Sport clubs
  • Academic clubs
  • Fraternities/Sororities
  • On-Campus job
  • Honors programs
  • Volunteer work

Personal Experience with Campus Programs

My personal college experience consisted of me being admitted into UNCW as a spring admit. I first took a semester at my home town college of Salisbury University in Maryland, which helped me adjust to the college lifestyle before traveling seven hours away to NC for school. When arriving to UNCW spring semester of freshman year, I immediately tried to become friends with my Galloway dorm mates. However, as I had feared, it was harder to become part of a social circle once all these people had already known each other for a semester. This is when I decided it would be best to join clubs on campus, and this turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made in college. Once joining the UNCW Swim club and Water Polo club, I met a great group of friends that had common interests. With these clubs, I was able to travel around the country for competitions and these trips provided great growing experiences.

My sophomore year, I become an officer in the Swim Club, which allowed me to take on the leadership role of a club and develop that skill set. The most significant club I joined sophomore year was the Scuba diving club. With this club I traveled to Atlanta, GA and dove in the Atlanta Aquarium. This surreal experience was one of the best experiences of my life and along with it I created another group of friends.

I have also taken advantage of the career services provided by UNC Wilmington. I am employed by the recreation center. They work around my classes and plan accordingly if I have any major assignments or tests in the future. These jobs look great on a resume and will prepare you for the future.

Lastly, currently during my Junior year, I rushed for the Honors Fraternity Phi Sigma Pi. Originally, I had joined this fraternity to add to my resume, but I soon found that I had just made the best friends of my life. With this honors fraternity, I didn't give away too much of my time that many Greek fraternities require but still gained the lifelong friendships that come with it.


In Conclusion, joining programs on campus can help you expand your group of friends and broaden your horizons with numerous priceless experiences. Although my personal experiences were mostly pertaining to sports clubs, it is essentially to remember that at college there is almost any type of club/ program to choose from that holds your interest. In college, the average person requires social interaction that helps alleviate the stresses of college academics. These numerous involvements with classes and clubs also allows the individual to develop better time management that will apply to every aspect of their life. The clubs provided on campus are a great way to balance academics with your social requirements while simultaneously gaining friendships that will last you for life.

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