How To Get Along With Your Roommate(s)

Your freshman roommate experience can have a huge impact on your opinion of the success of your first year of college. For many college freshmen, it is the first time that they have to share a living space. Here are a few tips on how to get along with your roommate so as to make your first year of college more enjoyable.

- Be considerate. It is difficult for a relationship to form between roommates if you are not open to new ideas.
- Don’t jump to conclusions. Everyone has a story behind the way that they act.
- Pick your battles. Although some things that your roommate does might annoy you, you don’t need to start a disagreement over everything.
- Learn to compromise. You are sharing your living space with this person. Compromising eases tension for both of you.
- Don’t let problems pile up inside of you. Have a conversation with your roommate if something is really bothering you. Keeping it all in can make living together uncomfortable for both of you.
- Respect your roommate If you respect their belongings and space, They will respect your space.
- Talk to your roommate. If you have a problem with a habit of your roommate, talk to that him/her about it, not another friend. The problems that occur in your room should not leave your room unless you have already talked to your roommate about it. Your roommate should be the first one to know of a disagreement.
- Notes do not solve problems. If your roommate is doing something you have a problem with, do not write a note telling them. Chances are, they won't change by your note and it is inconsiderate. So just talk to them about it.
- Set some ground rules. When you first start living with someone, it is important to set some ground rules. Whether they are about visitors or sleeping schedules, having a mutual agreement on important topics can help to ward off unpleasant situations later in the year.

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