Greek Life

Getting involved in Greek Life at UNCW is a great way of meeting new people and making the most out of your experience in college. The main focus of Fraternities and Sororities are:

1. Scholarship
2. Service
3. Leadership
4. Friendship

Every greek organization is unique in its own way but holds all of these wonderful qualities and high standards.

Some common misinterpretations and stereotypes about Greek Life are :

  • You pay for your friends- When you join a Fraternity or Sorority, you pay dues for each semester. However, this does not mean you are paying for your friends. The money goes to different events that are hosted, your philanthropy organization and activities that you do as a chapter. The friendships and bonds that you make are real and don't have anything to do with the money.
  • Greek Life is only about Partying- As mentioned above, Greek life focuses on all aspects of college life. UNCW greek life emphasizes scholarship and all chapters have a minimum GPA that has to be attained to be a member. Every organization also has a Philanthropy in which they help raise money for annually in order to support a cause.
  • Hazing- UNCW has a no hazing policy. The "Rush" process is set up through the UNCW system and is completely safe and regulated.
  • Fraternities and Sororities only accept people who are shallow- Every Fraternity and Sorority is unique in its own way and there is a place for everyone! The members look for great characteristics in people and people who embody the qualities that they set for themselves such as Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Friendship. They do not choose people based on looks.

There is a place for everybody in Greek Life at UNCW and all incoming Freshman should go through the recruitment process to see if it's the right thing for them.


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