Getting Involved on-campus

A great way to start your college career is to get involved. Getting involved is a great way to meet people that are in the same circumstances as you. For example everyone who goes for the Greek life view may feel pressured and a little nervous. With mutual feelings within a subject you’re bound to meet many people just like you.
Getting involved on campus can mean many things such as:

1. Getting a job
2. Joining a Greek organization
3. Joining a club sport
4. Going for a club sports team
5. Going for a sports team (intermural or college)
6. Help with community service events
7. Attend a seminar or a speaker

And there are so much more…

It is in everyone’s best interest to be more involved on campus, the more you are the better your grades will be even though you may feel overwhelmed. This is because your life's focus is among the college whether it is your studies or just social life.

For more information check out the greek uncw webpage:

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