Full-time work & school

Working full-time and attending a university can be very challenging, but also very rewarding. My philosophy is - do it while you're young! When you are young, your body and mind can handle more things than when you are older. It is not saying growing older is bad, but it is part of an aging anatomy system. When I first started working, I thought it would be easy to juggle both, but I do have to admit that it does get tough! I recommend the following:

  • keeping up to date with ALL school emails and assignments.
  • Pay extra attention to small details that can be overlooked such as due dates, criteria for papers, and especially knowing if exams are timed or untimed.
  • Keep in contact with all professors and school events - these can become overwhelming!

These tips are mostly for the full time worker and full time online student. It is much harder to take online classes. One might think it would be easier, but you have to have an amazing work ethic and you have to be super strict with yourself.

Consider the following:

Am a structured person?

Do I study for fun?

Can I keep up with technology?

Do I have a quiet place to study for a few hours each day?

Are computers and myself a good match?

-If you answered yes to at least 3 of these, than you are a good candidate for taking online courses in addition to working full time!

As for work:

It is important to keep focused at work. You are there for a reason-whether it be professional enhancement, or a financial situation. Do not be tempted to think about school at work. This might sound harsh, but in order to keep a clear mind and make the day go faster, only focus on work, well, at work. When that 5:30 comes around, head right to the library and hit the books! It can actually be more relaxing to study and do assignments after a long day at work!


Have some FUN too!

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