Looking where to eat in wilmington????

Wilmington Eats

Here is a ilst of the 10 best places to eat on an affordable budget in wilmington.

1) Jimmy Johns - The quickest and most affordable way to eat off campus. These guys are more than fast they are "freaky fast", with countless types of subs, ranging in size from the slim to the gargantuan you can feed any appetite that a college student might have. Its located right of campus in the shopping center with the off campus bookstore.

2) South College Deli MenuSouth College Deli - is just across the street and offers great large sized sandwiches made fresh with loads of meat and toppings. They are famous for their "Beef on Weck" and their fish and chips. Try it and get a taste of a real local hotspot.

3) El Cerro Grande - This mexican restaurant is located in the shopping center with lowes food closest to campus. Its an awesome experience with loads of tv's to view the latest sports games.

4) Chick-Fil-A - No need to explain the amazingness of this restaurant. Go on-campus in Hawk's nest, near the mall, or across market street and enjoy the greatest fast food chicken joint in town.

5) Hibachi Bistro - Hibachi Bistro offers a great sit-down Japanese hibachi style restaurant for a great price. There quick service and undeniable white sauce makes this restaurant the best hibachi for a college student's budget.

6) Jersey Mikes - Located in the same shopping center as Hibachi Bistro and El Cerro, Jersey Mikes offers hot or cold subs with loads of meat and toppings. Be sure to get it Mike's Way! This restaurant is great for students because they offer a daily student meal which is 6.99 for a regular sub, chips, and a drink!

7) Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn -or- Flaming Amy's Bowl - Flaming Amy's might as well be a Wilmington staple. Everybody has the Flaming Amy's bumper sticker and some people even have a tattoo for Flaming Amy's! (10% Discount!) Although the Burrito Barn is more popular than the Bowl, they are both great places to eat, especially if you are trying to satisfy a large appetite.

8) Sahara - Like Pita??? Sahara is a small restaurant off of market street that offers the absolute best gyro and pita in town. They make a variety of greek eats but specialize in their Chicken and Greek Gyro. Try it out, not many students know about this small hole in the wall.

9) Zaxby's - When sunday rolls around and you are itching for Chick-Fil-A, this is the next best place to satisfy those same taste buds. Zaxby's has many great combinations of their famous chicken and all of them are great selections. They also have meal dealz to save the college kid's wallet.

10) McAlister's Deli - right off of campus, this place has great sandwiches and salads. They are right across from cook-out and a pretty fast at getting your food out. If you are looking for a healthier eating option, this is the place. Dont forget to get the sweet tea!

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