Club Sports

Club Sports in College

  • Playing on a Club sports team is a great way to get involved on campus.
  • The teams are still competitive but not at the NCAA level.
  • There is less commitment and time needed to participate on a Club team.
  • They offer an opportunity for a serious student athletes to continue playing in a competitive environment.

About Club Sports:

  • Unlike Varsity sports where the NCAA creates the rules and regulations, club sports are governed by National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA)
  • The NIRSA is a non profit organization
  • Club sports travel to different schools competing against other club teams unlike at the intramural level.
  • Most club sports have a national championship creating a more serious atmosphere.

Different Club Sports:

  • Since Club teams are ran by students this means any competitive activity has the potential to become a club sport.
  • For the most part, club sports mirror their varsity sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball, etc.)

Getting Involved

  • In order to get involved with a club sports team in most cases one must be a full time student who is in good academic standing and have paid their debts to school.
  • Considering club sports are ran by the students there may be club dues that need to be paid.
  • Tryouts are used to measure performance and decide who will be on the team.
  • Keep up with tryout dates and dues.
  • Check your school's athletic website frequently.

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