What is CARE?
CARE is the Collaboration for Assault Response and Education here at UNCW. CARE provides counseling services and victim advocacy for students who have experienced sexual violence and unhealthy relationships. CARE is a completely confidential resource and does not fall under the new Title IX sexual misconduct reporting guidelines.

Where is CARE and how can I contact them?
CARE has two offices; the first is located in Depaolo Hall across from the Abrons Student Health Center and the second is located in the Student Recreation Center. You can reach CARE by email at ude.wcnu|ERAC#ude.wcnu|ERAC as well as through facebook and twitter. Most importantly, CARE can be reached at (910)962-CARE any time 24/7. There is always someone on call at this number who is willing to help with whatever you may be dealing with.

CARE Peer Educators
CARE has a group of peer educators whose goal is to educate the UNCW campus to the issues of sexual violence, domestic violence, and unhealthy relationships. Peer educators present presentations to various groups on campus, in addition to tabling at various campus events. If you have not been to a CARE presentation, you should! You will not regret it.

If you are dealing with sexual violence or an unhealthy relationship, or you know someone who is, come to CARE! We can help and, as stated before, we are completely confidential.

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