Being a Successful Student-Athlete

Being a student athlete at UNCW forces you to be organized and to stay on top of things. Your free time is limited and traveling in season makes it difficult to prepare for classes and tests to the best of your ability. It is really helpful having an online class because I can still do my work or take my tests even when I am on the road. Time management is a very important skill for any college student, but especially for a student athlete. You have to keep track of games and when you will be traveling and stay in touch with your professors in case you will be missing a test or assignment. The great thing about our school is that it offers so many resources for its athletes and we have weekly meetings with our advisor about objectives for the week. You lose a lot of free time as an athlete in college but if you do the following you will have no trouble being successful in college:

* Stay organized (make a calendar with all athletic & academic obligations)
* Manage your time (know when to study & when to give yourself a break)
* Get sleep! More sleep = less stress = more enjoyable time at UNCW!
* Do not procrastinate (it will just cause you stress and you will not get the proper amount of sleep)
* Take advantage of academic resources (i.e. Learning Center, Library, advisor, study hall)
* Ask for help earlier rather than later with regards to tutoring (it is better to cancel your tutor rather than not being able to get one)
* Keep a strong line of communication with your professors-meet with them before or after class and visit them during their office hours.

Student-Athlete Learning Resources:

Student-Athlete Handbook:

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