Balancing Work and School

Tips for Students Working Full-Time:

  • Get Organized-Buy a planner and make use of it. Being organized will decrease anxiety and allow you to prepare yourself for the work ahead efficiently without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Set Realistic Expectations- Do not choose an overwhelming course load if you do not feel confident about it. Depending on the type of work you do, your course load may differ.
  • No Skipping Class- Do not give yourself excuses to miss class. Being in class to learn each lesson will allow you to become efficient with your time and keep you from getting behind on any school work.
  • Regular Exercise- Regular exercise will surprisingly give you energy and motivation to complete more work. It could be anything as small as a 10 minute walk per day. These 10 minutes will be worth it, and will clear your mind so that you may work and study better, as well as heighten your mood and decrease stress.
  • Stay Focused- Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed. Take deep breaths and have a moment with yourself each day where you remind yourself of your goals. Be confident and believe in your abilities while realizing that the hard work and dedication will pay off when you reach your goals. Do not give up and always give your best.
  • Arrange Your School Schedule Appropriately- Make sure that your school schedule allows time for your to sleep, depending on the hours that you work. Try an online class. If you work in the morning, consider taking night classes, but be sure to allow yourself time to sleep and other necessary activities that will be key to your success.
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