Transfering to UNCW

When you are looking to transfer to UNCW make sure to check the deadlines for applying to UNCW. Just like when you applied to your first college whether it was a community college or other public university you had to make sure you got all the required materials in before the deadline. You can view the deadlines here. []

The official UNCW website states, "When reviewing a transfer application for admission, the admissions committee will look carefully at your coursework and performance from all two-year and four-year institutions you have ever attended." So make sure that your transcript is up to date. Also when writing your admission essay make sure to read up on the information the major you are choosing on the UNCW website.

In order to apply, please visit the prospective transfer page at [] and follow the steps listed on this page.

After being accepted as a transfer student, you will also need to speak with your advisor regarding the registration process, orientation, housing and meal plans, registering for classes and any other questions you might have. Talking with your advisor is a great tool in ensuring college success as there are many things you may forget about, such as due dates, requirements, what classes will be on your track, etc. You may even have questions regarding online/distance learning vs traditional student settings.

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