10 tips to keep off college weight.

Most first year college students put on the dreaded freshman 15. But there are ways to keep off this 15 pounds. As a freshman, this is most likely your first year living on your own, out of reach of your parents. Most freshman eat whatever is quickest and easiest to get a hold of, such as chips, soda, fast food, and almost anything unhealthy. another problem is alcohol, Im not saying its a bad thing, but drinking heavily is also a huge reason students put on 15 pounds or a beer belly. Although people think the freshman 15 is inevitable, its not. There are plenty of things that you can do to help keep off the pounds. Here are ten tips to keep off the pounds or help drop weight.

1-EAT breakfast, dont skip breakfast. Eat something, anything, a granola bar or anything, just dont skip breakfast. Eating breakfast burns more calories as it gets your metabolism going.

2-Workout for 30 min as soon as you wake up as it burns fat. (workout then eat breakfast)

3-Walk to class instead of riding the bus or driving. Walk anywhere if its within walking distance.

4-Dont eat fast food or sweets as your body craves them when you eat them. (once every now and then isnt bad)

5-Workout once a day with some weights and some cardio. not just one.

6-Aim to eat 2500 calories a day for a guy, and 2000 for a woman

7-Drink water instead of sodas, juices, anything. diet soda is not a healthy substitute as the "fake" sugars in it, fake your body and ultimately make you more hungry.

8-Instead of heavy beer, drink light beer, instead of light beer drink liquor. (dont drink every night)

9-Eat healthy meals, get your daily servings of vegetables and fruits.

10-Get a nightly 5-20 regiment of crunches/situps, pushups, and core exercises before bed.

I have done this myself, i used to weigh 245 pounds and i have done this for about 9 months now and have dropped 50 pounds to 195, so i know it works. you just have to try and keep at it.

(another good thing would to try the rec center or play intramural sports)

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