MIS 213 Fall 2012 Wiki

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This assignment will be a collaborative effort among all of my MIS 213 students in Fall 2012 (in class and online). I have created a basic Wiki that you all should use in order to supply "tips" or "advice" to students at UNCW. Your focus can be new students, existing students, online students, traditional students, or any group of students. In addition, the topic you choose can be any type of tip or advice.


  1. To participate, please create a WikiDot account first. In order to get credit, you MUST use your UNCW email ID (example: kdm5157) as your username. I will use this to verify your participation. If you used the wrong username, go here to change it. You may use any email to sign up - your email is never revealed on this site.
  2. Log in to help improve this wiki, as follows:
    • Start a new topic on issues such as:
      • How to sign up for classes etc.
      • Tips for studying and learning, in general or for one particular course/instructor specifically
      • Managing classes and schedules
      • Technology, how to obtain and use it
      • Housing and living in Wilmington
      • Working and going to school
      • Success in online classes
      • Finding and managing friends
    • AND
    • Review the entries that are already posted and edit at least one for quality, validity and completeness. You can edit the content or the tags by adding to the existing entry or changing what is already there; you can also rate other pages. If no pages are created when you start, you will need to keep checking back for pages created by other students.
    • Don't forget to:
      • Add meaningful tags to your new page, or to the pages that you review
      • Structure your page with paragraphs and bullet points
      • Add pictures if you'd like
      • Cite your sources
      • Link your page with other pages (Select Page Link)
  3. When you have finished, create a Word document that contains LINKS to the pages on this Wiki that you have edited/reviewed/ranked AND the new page/topic you created.
  4. Upload this file to Entropy.
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